OpEX Campaign

An operations campaign to fund the One Six Eight Network

One Six Eight OpEX Campaign

On Sunday, March 13, we will be kicking-off our One Six Eight OpEX Campaign. It is a campaign to fund the operations of the One Six Eight Network and to retire the debt from past rent owed.

We are simply asking for you to consider your financial involvement with the One Six Eight for the next two years.

  • Pray about what God would have you give towards accomplishing this vision of gospel saturation in Omaha.
  • On Sunday, March 27, a commitment card will be handed out. You will be asked to write down what you are trusting God to regularly give either weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly for the next two years.
  • On Sunday, April 3, we will collect them and celebrate as He leads us into this new reality.

OpEX Campaign Schedule

Sunday, March 13

  • "Canoeing the Mountain"; One Six Eight & OpEX Campaign overview; Prayer

Sunday, March 20

  • "The 'Why's' & Deets"; Stories of Transformation; Finances; Prayer

Sunday, March 27

  • "What Are We Going to Do?"; More stories; Commitment cards; Prayer

Sunday, April 3

  • "Party Time!"; Stories; Commitment Card gathering; Prayer; Commissioning

Prayer Schedule

Each of these prayer gatherings will be over ZOOM. Each gathering will be led by one of our Elders and you can join anytime.

ZOOM ID: 320 275 1227

Passcode: j2LBkH







We will be fasting together each of the Wednesdays. Click below for more info on fasting.

One Six Eight OpEX Campaign Commitment Card

Thank you for prayerfully considering how God would have you partner with us financially in accomplishing this big dream of gospel saturation in Omaha.

We are presently listing and selling all items that we don't need. i.e. 30 ft trailer, portable sound, video, lights, kids ministry panels and movable carts. If you know of a ministry or someone who might be interested please let one of the elders know. Thanks.