Fruit to Root

A helpful tool in recognizing lies and believing truth

Fruit to Root

Begin by being honest with yourself. What are you experiencing right now? These questions will help you deconstruct disbelief and move you to repentance.

You are tracing the fruit back to the root. If the fruit is not like Jesus, that is an indicator that our faith is not in Jesus.

What am I doing or experiencing right now? (i.e. fear, anxiety, worry, desire for control)

Who Am I?

In light of what I am doing or experiencing, what do I believe about myself? ("I'm not in control. but I believe I have to be.")

What Has God Done?

What do I believe God is doing or has done?

("I believe he has stopped loving me. I believe he has lost control of what's going on with our children. And . . . he's abandoned me.")

Who Is God?

What do I believe God is like?

("He's unloving. He's impotent. He is absent.")

Root to Fruit (speaking truth)

Deconstructing specific areas of unbelief is only half the process. You need to reconstruct a right belief of God as it relates to those specific areas of unbelief.

Paul said that as we repent and believe the gospel--as we turn to, look at, and in believe in Jesus--we are transformed, increasingly becoming more and more like Jesus (2 Cor. 3:18).

Now that you have identified and worked through the confession of sin(s), you can move towards Truth and the confession of faith.

Who Is God?

List as many things as you can about God's identity that specifically relate to this area of struggle/disbelief.

("He is love . . .He is powerful and in control. He is present.")

What Has God Done?

How has God proven each answer to the previous question in his work in the world and especially through the person and work of Jesus?

("Jesus died for me. He rose again from the dead. I have the spirit of God in me.")

Who Am I?

List as many true statements about who you are that you can think of.

("I'm loved. I'm not alone. I am more than a conqueror through him.")

How should I live in light of who I am?

What beliefs are you experiencing in light of the first three questions? How do you see them changing you?

"While the war of the mind is a personal war for everyone, it doesn't have to be an individual war. It's helpful to know that the ultimate Helper--God the Spirit--and those in your close community are in the foxholes with you, fighting on the front lines for your holiness." -- Jeff Vanderstelt, Gospel Fluency